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Classic TAGAP is out NOW! (TAGAP + TAGAP 2 remastered)

The Game Download:
TAGAP Classic v3.1 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, Installer) (313mb)
TAGAP Classic v3.1 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, zip - No installation needed) (331mb)

09.08.2019: Update Release 3.0 to 3.1, List of changes:
* [FIX] Issue with jumping of from 45-degree slopes in the first TAGAP
* [FIX] Classic TAGAP wrapper overlay positioning in 'whitebox fix' mode
* [+] Achievement related texts are now editable through scripts
* [+] Upgraded FMOD Studio API to version 1.10.15

The full list of changes to both games in v3.0 (fist version of Classic TAGAP):
* [+] TAGAP and TAGAP 2 are now native x64 applications
* [+] Classic TAGAP wrapper;
* Optimized for modern platforms
* Upscaling options: OpenGL and hq4x
* Improved rendering pipeline
* [+] Expanded resolution options;
* More resolutions
* Support for 21:9 monitors
* Support for borderless window mode
* [+] Support for adaptive vsync
* [+] Customizable framerate limiter
* [+] Mouse wheel sensitivity options
* [+] Extended ASCII support (CP-1252)
* [+] Sound engine changed from FMOD Ex to FMOD Studio API
* [+] Input changed from DirectInput to RawInput
* [+] Completely new NSIS installers
* [+] Expanded and updated developer documentation
* [FIX] Completely re-validated with Visual Studio 2017
* [FIX] Now requests for high performance GPU (both nVidia and ATI)
* [FIX] Miscallenious typo and script fixes
* [FIX] More accurate mouse capture when alt-tabbing between apps
* [FIX] Numerous minor engine stability improvements
* [-] Detailed log options removed (always on)
* [-] Removed sound driver options (FMOD chooses the best one)
* [-] Removed screen stretch toggle (Classic TAGAP wrapper makes it obsolete)
* [-] Backwards compatibility (for x86 support, older versions are still available)

Note about Windows Smart Screen
Modern versions of Windows have something called Smart Screen, which claims it can tell if a program is safe or not. In reality, in order to appear as 'safe', the publisher needs to get a certificate – which you have to buy for big bucks. And these certificates expire and require regular renewing. As freeware developers we can't afford that.

So, when you install Classic TAGAP with the installer, the Smart Screen claims it isn't safe. And this is just because we didn't want to pay for the right to share our own game for free. Still, if you have doubts about the safety of the installer, you can always choose Download as a Zip instead.

Download: TAGAP Classic v3.0 - Publication pack (16mb)

Full publication pack includes:
Printable DVD and CD covers
Sticker and LightScribe CD labels
DVD case sized manual
Disk autorun files
Disk burning instructions

Autor: [GAU]Creep
Quelle: TAGAP
Veröffentlicht am 31.07.2019 um 17:38 Uhr.


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