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TAGAP 2 - Patch 1.x to 1.6

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Full list of changes since v1.5;
* [FIX] FreeImage Library provides a fast work-around to White Box bug!
* [FIX] Rare bug of not being able to access the exit in Level 12, Section C
* [+] Implemented use of FreeImage Library;
* [+] Command lines for manually triggering the anti-whitebox measures
* [+] In-game F.A.Q. updated
* [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.42.00

TAGAP 2 v1.5, a hotfix update of sorts, is available for mirroring. The changes are as follows;
* [FIX] Sound playback glitch that caused crashes on specific x64 configurations
* [FIX] Executable version information is now shown correctly in Windows
* [+] In-game F.A.Q. updated

Dateiname: TAGAP_2_Update_from_any_version_to_1.6.exe
Eingefügt am 31.07.2012 um 16:32 Uhr


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