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Lost Empire - Immortals: 1.0.3 --> 1.08 Patch

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Lost Empire - Immortals: 1.0.2 Patch

Lost Empire - Immortals: 1.0.x --> 1.03 Patch

Dieser Patch geht von 1.0.3 direkt auf 1.0.8

die Änderung im Überblick: - April 5, 2009

·    Bugfix: Fixed late-game out of memory crash bug caused by very large AI battles.

·    AI: Tweaked AI to put a bit more priority on protecting its Capitals.

·    AI: Tweaked AI to keep track of enemy fleets a bit better.

·    Bugfix: Campaign games now correctly apply the Difficulty setting

·    Bugfix: System Priority now correctly restored from save games

·    New Feature: Added nebulae - explore them, colonize them, exploit them. - August 6, 2008

·    Fixed rare crash issue

·    Fixed bugs in game which ignored Game.xls for Start/Max Leaders and Planetary Shield Recharge/Strength settings. - July 29, 2008

·    Fixed several game crash issues

·    Fixed several localization issues

·    A few AI tweaks

·    Created Game.xlsMISC settings to control the AI bonuses. - July 10, 2008

·    Bugfix: Living Ships were providing too much repair.

·    Bugfix: Systems were receiving Cloning bonus before Cloning had been researched.

·    Bugfix: System Overview displays incorrect temperature difference on uncolonized systems if they are too cold.

·    UI: Applied Iceman’s tweaks to the ship design window layout.

·    Misc: Applied Iceman’s tweaks to the Minor Races to make their descriptions more consistent with their portraits and to ensure all races were well represented.

·    UI: Added Italian translation. - July 7, 2008

·    Bugfix: Ship electronics were not really working correctly in combat.

·    AI: Changed Easy and Very Easy to use the new AI since the old AI is broken-all it does is build colonizers, scouts, and starbases.  The Easy and Very Easy AI’s get penalties to range and resources. - July 6, 2008

·    Bugfix: Space Ship Construction tech was not increasing construction capacity-it was only increasing the number of space yards that could be built.

·    Bugfix: Sorting by Health was not working correctly on Fleet Tactics screen.

·    Bugfix: Fixed bug with AI Leader assignments

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash when trying to access the savegame list if one of the saves was corrupt. - July 4, 2008

·    Bugfix: AI Explore ships would sometimes get stuck

·    Bugfix: Explore ships would sometimes get stuck if two star systems were really close together.

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash during turn processing when AI decides to take over enemy fuel depots.

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash during turn processing when AI decided to withdraw one of the fleets involved in an attack.

·    AI: Made some tweaks.  Not entirely convinced the AI economy is optimal at the moment. - July 3, 2008

·    Bugfix: Loading a savegame wiped out all fleet waypoints, requiring them to be set again.

·    Bugfix: AI now detects if some of its ships have lost their orders due to the loadgame waypoint bug and assigns them new orders.

·    UI: Fleets containing only engineless starbases that are stationed at colonies automatically Repair each turn without having their orders set to Repair.

·    AI: Randomized AI Attack routine a little bit to make it slightly harder to predict. - July 2, 2008

·    Bugfix: AI was building massive amounts of troops for invasions but bug was preventing it from picking most of them up.

·    Bugfix: AI was unable to assess potential threats to colonies near an Immortal.

·    Bugfix: AI was building too many troops in some cases.

·    Bugfix: Fixed bug that prevented AI from declaring war on anybody.

·    Bugfix: Bonus Research Points would sometimes go negative, which caused all research to stop.

·    Bugfix: System Overview - clicking the Close button no longer activates the priority button instead.

·    Bugfix: AI was building more ships than it could pay the upkeep costs.

·    AI: AI will now occasionally re-evaluate leader assignments.

·    UI: On the System Overview screen, right-clicking the Maximize Army, Maximize Missiles, and Terraforming checkboxes will apply the setting to your entire empire.

·    UI: When shield, armies, or missiles numbers are too big, an abbreviated number is used.

·    UI: News event now goes out whenever a Minor Race dies just like it does for the Major Races. - June 30, 2008

·    AI: More improvements to turn processing time for long games.

·    AI: Tweaked colonization, planetary defense building, ship construction

·    Bugfix: System Overview displayed incorrect temperature for “Too Cold” systems.

·    Bugfix: Crash during turn processing when AI empire is destroyed.

·    UI: Enabled CTRL-P Cheat (single-player only) - highlight a major empire on the score panel on the right and hit CTRL-P to take control of that player until end of turn.  NOTE: Do not change fleet orders of the AI player or else the AI will likely become confused and may even crash the game.  Mostly useful to see what the AI empire is up to, or to tweak its build queues.

·    UI: Added colony count and population totals to Empire Overview screen. - June 29, 2008

·    AI: Significantly improved AI processing time for large empires.

·    AI: AI now makes use of fleet Repair command.

·    Bugfix: Fixed another crash when starting a new game with the Milky Way galaxy.

·    Bugfix: SHIFT-clicking was not allowing you to set multiple waypoints for a fleet.

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash when setting a fleet to Patrol with multiple waypoints selected.

·    Bugfix: The first turn after loading a savegame, systems were not being protected by nearby Fortress systems, causing excess planetary defenses to be dismantled at the end of the turn.

·    Bugfix: Fixed temperature displaying too many decimals after terraforming. - June 27, 2008

·    Changed Human Defensive trait again.  You no longer get free troops or missiles.  Instead you can build troops and missiles at a 25% discount.

·    In BattleViewer, shield effects go off without sound and not as bright when the shield absorbs weapon damage but does not also deflect any. - June 25, 2008

·    Fixed occasional crash when starting a new game that was introduced in - June 25, 2008

·    Applied forum member Iceman’s corrections to the English text.

·    Reduced the size of the ancient fleet event.  Ancient fleet no longer requires ship upkeep.

·    Tweaked some AI settings.

·    Bugfix: Corrected positions of Small Weapon Slots in Starbase design window.

·    Bugfix: Corrected damage increase through research of Penetrator missiles

·    Bugfix: Corrected overpowered Medicine science

·    Bugfix: The following techs were not implemented in combat: Energy Deflection, Matter Conversion, Heat Dissipation, Shockwave Harmonics, Super Cooled Coils, Shaped Charges, Biomechanical Guidance, High Pressure Combustion, Antimatter Penetration, Antimatter Stabilizer, Containment Field Efficiency, Super Charged Heaters, Precision Accelerators, Magnetic Containment, Energy Penetration, Focused Energy, Enhanced Power Coils.

·    Bugfix: Fixed rare crash bug during AI turn processing (hopefully). - June 23, 2008

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash during turn processing if you set a fleet waypoint outside your fuel range.

·    Bugfix: Fixed crash during game startup if you have invalid galaxy files in your galaxies folder.

·    Bugfix: When you get the race history event in which you find an ancient fleet, you now get control of a powerful and ancient fleet at the location of the event.

·    Balance Change: Human Defensive racial bonus no longer lets you purchase “free” troops or missiles at each of your systems.  Instead, you are given free troops and missiles when you first colonize a system, up to the limits of your technology.  When you research Barracks or Planetary Missiles, each of your colonies receives extra free troops and missiles until each colony has received the total bonus allowed for by the racial trait.  Basically this means each colony will automatically produce 10 troops and 5 planetary missiles for free one time only. - June 23, 2008

·    NOTE: Old savegames will not load after applying this patch!  Do not apply this patch if you wish to finish any old games

·    This patch has a completely reworked AI.  The AI should now provide for challenging computer opponents.

·    “Very Easy” and “Easy” computer opponents use the old AI.

·    “Normal” opponents use the new AI but get no special bonuses or penalties

·    “Hard” opponents use the new AI and get bonuses to scanner/fuel range, resource production, ship construction speed.

·    “Very Hard” opponents use the new AI and get large bonuses to scanner/fuel range, resource production, ship construction speed.  “Very Hard” opponents should be very difficult to defeat.

·    UI: Enabled CTRL-C  Cheat console while viewing the starmap (single player only)

·    UI: Added Over-population news event which occurs if you drop troops onto a system causing your population to go over the limit.  Warns you that your people are dying.

·    UI: Added Hostile Fleet news event which occurs the first turn you spot a hostile fleet heading towards one of your systems or fleets.

·    UI: Show All Waypoints shows you the destination of hostile fleets that are heading towards one of your systems or fleets.

·    UI: Currently selected fleet will show its path in cyan instead of green to make it easier to figure out where it is going.

·    UI: Colonizable Systems screen will show the name of any colonization fleets en route beneath the system name.

·    UI: Fleet Overview screen will show “-“ in the orders column for any idle fleets.

·    UI: When transferring troops to/from your fleets, the planet’s target troop count will be changed to match what is on the planet (within limits) to prevent troops from accidentally being built or disbanded on the next turn.

·    Bugfix: AI difficulty was always getting reset to Very Easy when loading a savegame.

·    Bugfix: Planetary Defense installations now slowly disband if they are over the limit (occurs when a system loses protection from a Fortress System).

·    Bugfix: When disbanding missiles, you no longer regain minerals if the missile disbanded was one of the free ones you get for your government.

·    Bugfix: Fixed game to use Planetary Shield Cost from XLS files properly.  Removed duplicate from MISC tab.

·    Bugfix: When cancelling production of a colony ship, you now get your population back.

·    Bugfix: Fixed bug that allowed you to get multiple 2nd Capitals after loading a savegame (the AI was real good at exploiting this bug).

·    Bugfix: Fixed bug in fleet ETA calculations for paths involving multiple waypoints.

·    Changed Megalanian science specialty from shields to hull tech since AI does not use shields very well, and hull tech sort of fits with their other bonuses.

·    Only one battle will occur at a system each turn no matter how many fleets are present (before one battle would occur for each fleet, even though all fleets fought all battles).  This was one cause of the turn slowdowns.

·    You can now colonize systems even if another empire’s ship is present at the system - as long as you are not at war with each other.

·    Ships with Explore orders will tend to prefer exploring new systems rather than reclaiming fuel stations taken by other empires.

·    You can now only move fleets to other fleets or systems.  You can no longer set a fleet destination to the deep space between the stars.  The AI just cannot defend itself properly against such actions.    For those of you that prefer the old free movement system, you can re-enable it in the MISC tab of the Game.xls file.

·    Galaxies will show their English names/descriptions if they do not have a proper foreign language name/description.

·    Increased rate at which Singularity Engine speed increases with research

·    Slightly increased firing speed of Antimatter weapons and tweaked their range and damage.   Antimatter weapons are now very powerful but short range weapons

·    Increased range of energy weapons.  Energy weapons are now weak but long range weapons

·    No changes to plasma weapons.  Plasma weapons are average damage and range.

·    Tweaked missile weapons range, damage, reload speed, research cost, mineral cost.  Missile weapons are smaller than other weapon types and give you the choice of slightly more damage for less range or slightly more range for less damage, though not as extreme as Energy Vs Antimatter

·    Swapped a couple of Point Defense slots for Small Weapon slots on the Starbase to make it effecti ve against all ship classes.

·    AI: AI will now make use of Terraforming tech

·    AI: AI will no longer research techs it shouldn’t have access to

·    AI: AI makes better research choices.

·    AI: AI should now be much more aggressive and better at defense.  It should actually provide a small challenge now.

·    AI: AI will now build battleships (a bug was preventing it)

·    AI: AI will now build and use star-bases with engines (if the tech is available)

·    AI: AI will now use the 2nd Capital system type when appropriate.

·    AI: AI no longer creates invalid ship designs

·    AI: AI will no longer create a bajillion different ship designs that are all the same (eating up memory and slowing down the game). - May 31, 2008

·    Fixed bugs with savegame corruption caused by beta. - May 30, 2008

·    Balance: Capitals & Second Capitals now have the special abilities of Fortress Systems, Trading Systems, Outposts, and Construction Systems.

·    Balance: Armies now cost 5 population to build.  Armies now consume food and live in Biospheres when stationed on a planet.

·    Balance: Population Growth is now affected by the Food slider: Don’t feed your people enough and they do not reproduce as quickly.  Feed them extra and they reproduce faster.

·    Balance: The # of population that survive when colonizing a new planet is now dependant on the inhabitability of the planet instead of random.

·    Balance: Systems protected by a Fortress system can now build extra defensive structures (previously only the fortress system itself got any bonus).

·    Balance: Systems protected by a Fortress system now get a 100% bonus (instead of 50%).  Fortress systems themselves now only get 50% bonus (instead of 100%).  This should make Fortress systems more useful and also more of a tactical target.  Note: Capitals always get the bigger defensive bonus.

·    Balance: Toned down trade systems a little bit.  They now generate trade income based upon the type of resources being produced by the systems they trade with.  Ie if they trade with Agriculture systems, they will generate additional food.

·    Bugfix: Defensive structures were not being disbanded when you reduced the number you wanted to below the current amounts on the planet.

·    Bugfix: Fix bug in Very Hard AI that prevented them from getting their starting tech bonuses.

·    Performance: Fixed performance issues first time you saved a game (or autosaved).

·    Bugfix: Population on colony ships now consume food.

·    Bugfix: AI was building planetary shields for free.

·    User Interface: When you select a Trade colony, an orange circle will appear indicating the trading range of the system.

·    Misc: Added more MISC mod settings. - May 21, 2008

·    Added files to the patch that the German 1.0.3 patch installer was not installing.  This should fix German versions of the game that crash on startup after installing a patch.

·    Added some logging to the turn processing to help identify a system hang issue one user is having.

·    Bugfix: Govt modifier Reduced Ship Building Cost not working correctly (though I do not think this govt modifier is currently used in the game).

·    Converted all XLSX (Excel 2007) files to XLS (Excel 97-2003) to make them easier to mod

·    Added “MISC” tab to Game.xls to hold miscellaneous settings used in the game

·    Moved a few “magic numbers” from the game code into the MISC tab so they can be modded.

·    User Interface: System Bars revamped.  They now all use the same scale.  They are no longer scaled based on the systems you have explored, but based upon the entire galaxy.   And uncolonized system bars now show how many improvements you would have if you colonized the system and picked an appropriate colony type.  So they shouldn’t change when you colonize them.

·    User Interface: Modified System Overview to remember your sort settings when you reopen the window.

·    User Interface: Modified System Overview to remember whether you are viewing colonies or colonizable systems when you reopen the window

·    User Interface: Modified System Overview to scroll the list to the currently selected system from the main screen if it is in the currently shown list (ie colonizable or colonies list) when you open the window.

·    Balance Change: Max Population is no longer directly affected by inhabitability.

·    Balance Change: Max Biospheres is now affected by inhabitability.  The more uninhabitable a planet, the fewer biospheres you can build on the planet.  Combined with the above change your effective max population on a planet isn’t any different.  Loading savegames made prior to the patch will temporarily give you excess max population until the extra biospheres are automatically destroyed.

·    Balance Change: Star system populations no longer grow when starving-ie if you get a message stating your people are dying from starvation they will not also grow (usually by more than they starve!)

·    Bugfix: Corrected starvation message to show total amount of population killed (was showing amount killed at one system).

·    Bugfix: Planetary scanners now get the Scientist leader bonus

·    Bugfix: Fleet Deep Space scanners now get the Govt Fleet Scanners bonus

·    Bugfix: If cloaking tech was way better than enemy scanning tech cloaked ships would sometimes be made visible by mistake.

·    Bugfix: Planets were not using the correct range when trying to detect cloaked ships. - May 16, 2008

·    Added Angel star system - congratulations to Gamespot contest winner Emma Wolski

·    Added WoXingWoSu star system - congratulations to contest winner Luca Fiamenghi.

·    Added Topo star system - congratulations to contest winner Fiore Sabattini.

·    Added Giada star system - congratulations to contest winner Ambra Tanaglia.

·    Added Italia star system - congratulations to contest winner Clementa Pomati.

·    Added Roberto star system - congratulations to contest winner Roberto Passarello. BETA - May 15, 2008

·    Crash: Fixed crash bug during some battles involving fighters

·    Crash: Fixed another error on start-up on Vista systems.

·    Miscellaneous: Improved Alkith leader last names (courtesy of Iceman) BETA - May 13, 2008

·    Crash: Fixed crash bug during some battles introduced in the beta

·    Battles: More optimizations for AI-only battles so turn times are not too slow when the AI players are at war with each other. BETA - May 13, 2008

·    Savegames: Fixed bug in game that would corrupt your savegames if you deleted a design then created a new design and built ships from the new design

·    Savegames: Added logic to repair savegames affected by the above bug.

·    User Interface: You can press the F key while on the main galaxy display to view your FPS.

·    Battles: Fixed bug where race specials Fights to the Last Man and Thinks In 3 Dimensions sometimes had their bonus double-counted.

·    Battles: Fixed bugs in ship targeting.

·    Battles: Fixed bugs in electronics targeting.

·    Battles: Fixed bugs causing weapons to sometimes fire too fast.

·    Battles: Fixed bug where ships with more than one of the same type of planetary weapon would only fire one of the weapons instead of all of them.

·    Battles: Improved turn processing speed when calculating fleet battles.

·    Battles: Greatly improved turn processing speed for large fleet battles (fleet battle with 700+ ships went from over 12 minutes processing to under 20 seconds).

·    Battle Viewer: Automatically scales down the number of ships shown in large battles to prevent performance degradation or crashes while watching battle results of large fleet battles.

·    Crash: Fixed rare crash when End Turn pressed.

·    Crash: Fixed (hopefully) crash at start-up on Vista systems that have UAC enabled.  If your game crashes on startup and you are using Vista, please post in the forums.  In the meantime, Right click the game icon and choose Run As Administrator. BETA - May 7, 2008

·    User Interface: If you right-click the End Turn button, the AI will play your turn for you.  Prepare to be amazed.

·    Crash: Fixed crash while rendering star names and fleet ship counts

·    Modified main menu to display the full version of the game (ie instead of just 1.0.3)

·    AI: Fixed bug which prevented AI players from allying with Immortals.

·    AI: Fixed bugs in diplomatic AI which caused it to reject offers from you when it should have accepted them.

·    AI: Improved AI’s selection of colony types

·    AI: AI will now make use of the Fortress colony type on occasion

·    AI: AI will now make better decisions on how to use leaders instead of always using them as miners.

·    AI: Hopefully AI will no longer “just stop doing anything” mid-game.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug which caused spies spying on fleets to never stay on the job more than 1 turn.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug which generated too much trade income in certain cases.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug where Government Improvement Cost Modifier was not getting applied correctly.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug where Leader bonuses to improvement costs were not getting applied correctly.

·    Turn Processing: Ship upkeep is now paid before planetary improvements are built or terraforming is performed.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug where ship mineral upkeep costs were using the food upkeep numbers.

·    Turn Processing: Fixed bug in credit income calculations.

·    Balance: Leader bonus for the Admiral job are now only half as big as bonuses for other jobs.

·    Balance: Total ship upkeep bonus for the Leader Admiral job is now capped at 50% (instead of 100% like other jobs). BETA - May 1, 2008

·    Merged Galaxy Mod into main game.  New galaxies are now available to everyone

·    Merged Galaxy Generator Tool into main game.  You can use the tool in the LEI installation folder to create new galaxy types

·    Improved installer’s ability to correctly identify currently installed LEI version.  Will also offer to allow you to proceed with the installation even if it does not think you have 1.0.3 or later installed already. BETA - April 30, 2008

·    Tweaked the logging code to ensure the log file is always closed properly.

·    Test version to ensure my development environment is setup correctly.

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