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Grace Under Pressure v1.0

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General Info:


Map Name: Grace Under Pressure

Players: 8

Author: Desecrator

Game: Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars 1.09

Additional Information:


1. Start locations are broken up into sections of 2.

Suitable for playing free for all OR 2v2v2v2

2. There are 4 spikes.

3. Each start location has one green field. You can put 2 harvesters on it

but it will run out, Scrin players should not have

a problem with an Accelerator.



Put the "Grace_Under_Pressure" folder here...

C:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication DataCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsMaps

Contact Info:


For ideas and bugs contact me at

Copyright / Permissions:


Copyright and Distribution.

As this map is freeware you are permitted to distribute

this archive subject to the following conditions,

- The archive must be distributed without modification to the

contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files

added, removed or modified is prohibited.

- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another

archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited.

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