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Burning Anger

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Burning Anger

By: Time2KILL

Players: 8

Size: ~x=450


AI: Yes

Theatre: Yellow Zone

Install to this directory:

C:Documents and Settings*USER NAME*Application DataCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsMaps


This is a highly detailed 8 player map. It is somewhat assymetrical in that each base has a

different layout, yet a diagonal river divides teams into an "L" shape. The bottom bases are divided by

cliffs and generally are less accessable.The top bases are divided by tiberium chasms of various shapes.

I tried to make it so each player has access to an equal and sufficient amount of resources. Unfortunatly

for turtlers, resources do go fast on this map and competition may become imminent. To compensate for this,

I modified tiberium fields such that they regenerate roughly 10% faster than normal. Three bridges and

a land-like bridge are the only ways across the map. The terrain has a redish dead look while ambient sounds add to

the desolate atmosphere. The AI works very well so expect good battles both online and offline. This map is

somewhat similar to forestfires but it is not a remake. I just borrowed the "L" shape layout and the river

from the TS map!

Contact me at sabatour059[at]aim[dot]com for whatever reason.

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