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Forgotten Hope 2 Zombies

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Installation is simple. Place the folder in your Mods folder and make a desktop shortcut ( to make a shortcut copy the BF2 shortcut(not the fh2 one)

and add +modPath mods/FH2Zombie to the target box(see picture)

After you make the Desktop shortcut there is an .ico in the Mod folder for you to use so you can tell the difference between FH2 and FH2 Zombies.


To play alone start a local server, set the max players to 1, and the bots to your desired level


Anctoville 16

Type - Survival

Special notes - The church can not be recapped by the zombies once the

survivors cap it.

Vehicles - M3 Grant

Victory - Killing 1500 zombies

Brest 64

Type - Assault

Special notes - Push, and zombies can not recap the flags.

Vehicles - Jeep W/.50,M4a1(76),M4a1(75),M5

Victory - Capping the Harbor flag

Crete 64

Type - Escape

Special notes - stay out of the grayed area on the minimap as it is out of bounds for the survivor team.

Vehicle - Ju52

Victory - Capping the escape flag

Lebisey 16

Type - Assault

Special notes - Push, and Zombies can not retake flags.

Vehicles - M3 Grant

Victory - Capping Lebisey HQ flag

Goodwood 16

Type - Survival

Vehicles - None

Special notes - None

Victory - Killing 1500 zombies

Totalize 64

Type - Escape

Vehicles - Train

Special notes - Stay out of the gray area on the minimap, you can only move on the train tracks.

Victory - Capping the escape flag

Port en Bessin 16

Type - Survival

Vehicles - None

Special notes - Flag closest to survivor main can not be recapped by zombies

Victory - Killing 1500 zombies

Ramelle 64

Type - Assault

Vehicles - Tiger M3 Grant

Special notes - Adjusted pushmode, All of flags are required to cap the final flag.

Victory - Capping Zombie reinforcements flag

Wake Island 64 (FH2 Conversion originally by Mr Ben)(AI by WCCP)

Type - Assault

Vehicles - P47 W/Rockets,P51 W/Bombs,C47,M2a1,M3 Grant

Special notes - Push; Rifleman and ammo kits have Parachutes, you will need them.

Victory - Capping the Northern Village flag

Each mode is meant to be a little different from the others and each have a different "Backstory"

Survival - You and a few other squads are holding out in an area with a relativly light zombie population

Escape - You and your squad are the last ones left in an area completely over run you must escape the area to somewhere safer if you wish to live

Assault - You and many other squads are assaulting areas held by zombies, in an attempt to make a safe zone for civilians

There are also a few changes to the vehicles

The M3 Grant is Olive drab and has a Flamethrower turret.

Tiger has a special "Anubis" skin.

There are also a few kit and weapon tweaks here and there that I will let you find out on your own.

As well as a few easter eggs spread around somewhere.

Please report any bugs to the thread in the modding forum.


Havocide - Most of the mod and bug squashing

Lupin - Sounds and skins

Josh094 - Skins

Mr. Ben - Wake Island FH2 conversion

FH2hi/friends - Beta testing.

If you get a bug with the tanktracks, do the following

Remove the files-directories in /my documents/battlefield 2/cache and /my documents/battlefield 2/mods/bf2/cache and /my documents/battlefield 2/mods/fh2/cache. Tip: The FHToolbox has a tool to do this for you!

Edit: To give instructions incase of tanktrack glitch

Edit2: Added link to the mods forums

Dateiname: FH2ZombieRC2Final.rar
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