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DC Global Front 0.2D Beta - Part 1

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News: GAU-Games wird für eine unbestimmte Zeit sein jetzigen Betrieb einstellen

You will need the following to play DC Global Front:

A CLEAN install of Battlefield 1942 v. 1.61 & Desert Combat v. 0.7. After you have installed DC 0.7 you have to install DC Global Front 0.2D!

*** 0.2D change list ***
*** By Marshall Nord (unless otherwise noted) ***----------------* Fixed invisible AAVP7 hull
* Fixed AI coding for new SU-25's
* Fixed Caspain Iran soldier language files (to Farsi)
* Fixed damage system: small arms vs. rear armor of Tanks, IFV's & APC's
* Fixed F-22 camera rotation
* Fixed F-22 missile tip visible in engine intake
* Fixed "out of level" bug for bomber kit planes (added destructor projectile)
* Fixed env map issue with Ural375 windshield
* Fixed rotor blur texture for Mi24, Mi8 & MH53 (correct number of blades)
* Fixed missing collision mesh in gf_ahouse01_m1
* Fixed missing radar pings for cluster AAA guns in DCGF Caspian Showdown & DCGF Gyzbat Pass
* Fixed missing mesh in gf_pumphouse_m1
* Fixed pilot/aviator helmet offsets----------------* Added new ammo icons for various land vehicles (by ZeroSen)
* Added AAVP7 periscope ports to passenger positions
* Added DirtBike (WDW port; revised by Apache Thunder)
* Added UK Soldier
* Added UK Soldier kits
* Added UK spawn menu icons
* Added UK webbing (DCX port)
* Added UK helmet (DCX port; revised UV mapping)
* Added L82A1 (DCX port; renamed to L82A2 in lexiconAll.dat)
* Added L82A1carbine (DCX port; renamed to L22A2 in lexiconAll.dat)
* Added LSW (DCX port)
* Added L108A1 (UK FN Minimi, modified WDW Minimi mesh)
* Added UK Backpack01 (modified British backpack from vanilla 42 mesh)
* Added UK Multicam soldier skins
* Added missing AI armament plugin for HMMWV TOW
* Added close-defense M240 to HMMVW TOW
* Added missing steeringinfo net code for BTR60 & Strykers
* Added Iranian F14 (DC port)
* Added SR-25 (WDW port)
* Added L129A1
* Added Arab Insurgent Soldier
* Added Arab Insurgent kits
* Added Warrior IFV (DCX Port)
* Added Landrover (DCX Port)
* Added iranruin01
* Added iranruin02
* Added iranruin03
* Added iranruin06
* Added iranruin07
* Added gf_rockface01_m1
* Added gf_walled_yard
* Added gf_SAhouse5_m1
* Added gf_rubble11_m1
* Added gf_cblocks01
* Added 8-slot weapon selection menu (by Apache Thunder)
* Added MBT-LAW handweapon (modeled and skinned by ChadaFACE)
* Added IED1 handweapon (IED = barrel object)
* Added IED2 handweapon (IED = crate object)
* Added IED3 handweapon (IED = stone object)
* Added Stationary_DSHK_T stationary weapon (DSHK on Tripod)
* Added animation for soldier firing tripod MG
* Added shadow mesh to AH64
* Added gf_portcont1_m1 thru gf_portcont4_m1 to replace vanilla repport_box1_m1
* Added gf_ahouse_m1
* Added AK47LT handweapon (light-colored, worn textures)
* Added missile timer to Safir-74M
* Added missile timer to Ababil-4 UAV
* Added G3 weapon icon
* Added Mi24e shadow mesh
* Added Ababil-4 launcher skin
* Added Ababil-4 icons
* Added more passenger positions to Stryker_ICV
* Added Menu & Load music from BF1942 collection
* Added skin & collision mesh to playground equipment
* Added KnifeBlue handweapon to replace KnifeAllies (used as IED detonator)
* Added "ragdoll" animations (by Apache Thunder)
* Added Turkmen Pilot skin (Cristhian)
* Added dynamic shadows to IED objects.
* Added DCX British voice files
* Added HelicopterSupplyWeapon (Apache Thunder)
* Added thumbnail to DCGF Gyzbat Pass
* Added supply depot minimap icon
* Added thumbnail to Gyzbat Pass
* Added ELCAN sight model & texture to Colt C7 (ChadaFACE)
* Added gf_landrep01_m1
* Added new shortcut icon (DevilDog)
* Added animation support for map-specific weapons
* Added new eye textures to Mex and Venz soldiers (Cristhian)
* Added F22 skin into build (Cristhian)
* Added Turkmen digital camo into build (Cristhian)
* Added Turkmen pilot skin into build (Cristhian)
* Added Turkbody mesh (revised usbody mesh)
* Added custom G3 sounds (Cristhian)
* Added M24 sounds (Cristhian)
* Added new universal healing icon (DevilDog)
* Added more CAN Soldier kits (sgtjake)
* Added HMMWV_MK19 driver/gunner vehicle
* Added Narco Soldier
* Added Narco_Face1...Face2 & ...Face3 mesh4es
* Added Narco Soldier skins (Cristhian)
* Added custom M24 deploy animations (HJGF)
* Added UN skin for Mi8 (sgtjake)
* Added Glock (WDW port)
* Added Kaibil Soldier
* Added Kaibil Kits
* Added Kaibilbody mesh (revised usbody mesh)
* Added Kaibil_Face1...Face2 & ...Face3 meshes
* Added Congolese Soldier
* Added Congolese kits
* Added Mex_F5
* Added Mex_UrbanSoldier (masked face)
* Added Mex_Urban1Face...2Face...3Face & Mex_UrbanHead meshes
* Added Chinook (DCX Port)
* Added Canadian Chinook Skin (sgtjake)
* Added Canadian Huey Skin (sgtjake)
* Added Canadian LAV25 Skin (sgtjake)
* Added F16C (PAF with conformal fuel tanks) skin & modified mesh (ChadaFACE)
* Added new tropical trees & bushes
* Added Mexican BTR60 digicam (Cristhian)
* Added Mexican HMMWV digican (Cristhian)
* Added new F22 sounds (Cristhian)
* Added 9 random US heads
* Added G3 without scope
* AddedIran_Assault_G3 kit
* Added Galil rifle (WDW port)
* Added pilot/aviator kits into maps
* Added G3S L1 model/textures
* Added Gerdbat_bot vehicle to eliminate AI clustering at spawn point (MSR Orlando)
* Added new background video (Cristhian)
* Added load screen for Narco Hunt (Cristhian)* Added DCGF Crush Em (GF port of Battle of the Bulge)
- Load screen by Apache Thunder
- Thumbnail by sgtjake
* Added DCGF MOUT (GF port of DC Gauntlet)
* Added DCGF Narco Hunt (GF port of DC Basrah Nights)
- Signs/posters by Cristhian
* Added DCGF Canada (GF port of Kursk, used as faction motor pool)
* Added DCGF Mexico (GF port of Kursk, used as faction motor pool)----------------* Revised Phalanx ADA seat height (lowered)
* Revised Phalanx ADA lowest elevation (raised slightly)
* Revised "slow down" material (wet grass) from 1.0 to 0.75
* Revised GDF kit geometries
* Revised LoD distances for helicopters (to keep rotors visible at longer distances)
* Revised rocket AI code for F-5H
* Revised Mig-29 & Mig-29I missiles AI coding
* Revised camera for DCX SCUD-B (removed pan coding)
* Revised Healthbar icon for all soldier kits
* Revised damage system
* Revised turret rotation speed for EE-9
* Revised KnifeAllies into IED detonator (IED1,2,3 detonator = cell phone)
- Animations by HJGF* Revised ammo coding (by Raven)
- Changed ammotype on all vehicles * Revised ammobox object (now three different, for different ammo loads)
- ammobox=mall arms
- gf_ammocrate_ge=grenades/explosive/AP mines
- gf_ammocrate_at=rocket/at weapons/AT mines* Revised Mexican Rifleman kit (changed M-16A3 to G3)
* Revised collision meshes for MV-22 Osprey
* Revised MV-22 Osprey UV mapping
* Revised MV-22 Osprey sounds
* Revised MV-22 Osprey mesh (removed CV-22 features)
* Revised AI for Bold Thrust
* Revised AK103 model (added muzzle brake - ChadaFACE)
* Revised Colt C7 model & coding (ChadaFACE)
* Revised airrep1_m1 textures
* Revised G3 skin (Cristhian)
* Revised Mexican Spanish (Cristhian)
* Revised Venezuelan Spanish (Cristhian)
* Revised M1 Abrams cannon sound (Cristhian)
* Revised UV mapping for GerBody mesh
* Revised UV mapping for USbody mesh
* Revised UV mapping for Britbody mesh
* Revised BRDM_Spandrel exit height
* Revised BRDM skin(s)
* Revised G3 skin (Cristhian)
* Revised Mexican BTR60 skin (Cristhian)
* Revised black glove hand textures (Cristhian)
* Revised G3 scope texture
* Revised Hellfire effect to fix collision mesh bug (Bold Thrust, AT2)
* Revised front sight mesh for G3
* Revied AI for anti-aircraft vehicles* Revised DCGF Ammo Bunkers (Ammo Depot)
- Added Venezuelan Ammo Resupply Truck
- Renamed DCGF Ammo Depot* Revised DCGF MSR Orlando
- Fixed Coop CTD on dedicated server
- Revised statics
- Revised AI* Revised DCGF Desert Scimitar
- Fixed Coop CTD on dedicated server
- Revised staticobjects
- Revised heightmap
- Added terrainlightmaps
- Added objectlightmaps
- Added new ammoboxes
- Revised AI* Revised DCGF Caspian Showdown
- Removed controls for moving sea rigs* Revised DCGF Motor Pool
- Added new vehicles
- Added UK and Arab Insurgent kits* Revised DCGF Bunker Complex
- Revised AI
- Added more bunkers

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