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Battlefield Heroes für BF 1942 - v5.1 Client

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Change log:

1. Updated Troop Traps. They are now projectiles. They will go off on team mates so take that in mind.
2. Updated some coding to improve network stability.
3. Added GoldenEye 007 kit. (Moonraker Laser + Proximity/Remote Mines)
4. Tweaked MiniTank widget spawn position to prevent possible crashes when aiming at ground/sky.
5. Added ability to set higher then 64 players in Create Game Menu. (Modified EXE needed to make this work. Not included with this mod)

6. Added New Map: Belfry Square. Ported from Avatar Star.
7. Added New Map: Shipwreck Island. Ported from Avatar Star.
8. Added New Map: Cape of Aegean. Ported from Avatar Star.
9. Added New map: City of Aegean. Ported from Avatar Star.

As a special treat, the optics of the similar Free2pay has taken over "Apache Thunder" game "Avatar Star" as a bonus in the maps.

Avatar star includes only infantry of maps, which are not as large and suitable also for a few players.
There the 4 new maps would be worthy of mention, all ported by "BF Heroes" like playing "Avatar Star".
In contrast to the other "BFH 42 maps" these maps consist of system completely mesh, without the terrain.
This lacks the dynamic shadows on the ground. But otherwise, it seems fairly well with "BF1942" to harmonize. "Apache Thunder" optimized the whole thing by he divided it into pieces.
The original "avatar"star maps have been imported with the program "3DS Max" and the mesh has been revised so that Apache Thunder had to again replicate everything on the map.

Dateiname: bfheroes42_v5_1.rar
Eingefügt am 04.11.2016 um 18:06 Uhr


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Hi es ist bereits die Version 5.1g raus.;-)

Battlefield Heroes last update:


10.07.2016 00:23

55 Kommentare

Bei uns nun auch =)
Werd in den nächsten wochen weitere Mods wieder hochwerfen.
Danke dir für den Downloadlink in derzeit als die Mod hier Offline war.

04.11.2016 18:14

1 Kommentar

03.06.2017 17:34

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