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TAGAP 3 - Soundtrack

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Wow, TAGAP 3 is finally here after six years of development and yes, six years of composing music!

This time around, Penguin DT's resident composer Petja Heiskanen had an unenviable task of composing a dynamic soundtrack. This meant meant that almost every song had to be mixed and/or composed in duplicates one representing the action scenes and the other the more mellow exploration. And not only that, but Petja had to cover variety over several dozens of tracks, while still somehow having everything sound like a solid whole. The result is perhaps the most delightfully funky TAGAP soundtrack yet!

Instead of featuring every song twice on the album, we decided to go with only the 'action' versions. After all, Petja composed the songs AS those action versions first and then 'mellowed' them down.

And as before, if you wish to read through a track-by-track rundown of the entire album, you unlock the in-game Jukebox by completing the TAGAP 3 campaign. The Jukebox fully supports the dynamic soundtrack this time around, so you can switch between the action and mellow versions on the fly whilst reading about the tracks!

Huge thank you to Petja again for this funky-as-heck penguin album!

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin, 2017

Track list
01. TAGAP 3 Theme Song
02. Home Away from Home
03. Hospital
04. Labs
05. One Heartbeat Away
06. Challenge the Doctor
07. Funkin' in the Bush
08. Hop-1
09. Slow Space Jam
10. Challenge the Botanist
11. The Path to Awesomeness
12. The Cathedral of Funk
13. A Little Bit of Hope to This Chaos
14. Guitar Prophets
15. Electromagnetic Boogie
16. Engineering
17. Antigravity Jam
18. Antigravity Jam (Zero-G Mix)
19. Challenge the DJ
20. Rock Hop
21. Defence
22. Old and Faithful
23. IN-VR
24. Challenge the Warden
25. Theremin Groove
26. A Little Irish Tune
27. Aerospace Action Muzak
28. Navy Seal
29. Wingman PP
30. Challenge the Warlord
31. Super Weapon Chase
32. Final Penguinator
33. Final Fight
34. Bitter Pill

35. Score The Story So Far
36. Score Intro
37. Score Prison Break
38. Score The First Tram Ride
39. Score Another Mad Doctor
40. Score Pablo to the Rescue!
41. Score Not-So-Serious Agent Music
42. Score The Prophecy
43. Score The Off Switch
44. Score Rescue Interrupted
45. Score Lawnmover Penguin
46. Score Revolution
47. Score Final Tram Ride
48. Score Penguin's Flight
49. Score Warlord's Seal of Disapproval
50. Score Friends Re-unite
51. Score The Truth Revealed
52. Score Versus
53. Score The End
54. Score Game Over

55. Extra TAGAP 3 Theme Song (Demo)
56. Extra Electromagnetic Boogie (Demo)
57. Extra TAGAP 3 Launch Trailer

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