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TAGAP 3 v1.3 (Full Game)

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Key features

Explore an alien world
Pluto is a detailed world of alien penguins, deadly robots and bonkers plot developments.

Colourful rogues gallery
Pluto's rulers and their minions will stop at nothing to stop Pablo and everyone who dares to ally with him!

Out-of-this-world arsenal
Pablo has to assemble and master the use of a brand new arsenal of weapons; weaponise everything from MIRVs and auto-aiming bullets to metal scrap and theremin sound waves!

TAGAP goes HD!
TAGAP goes full HD with super-fast 3D accelerated 2D goodness, combined with high-quality audio and a massive, two-hour soundtrack of space funk!

Expanded mod support
Almost all objects that were hard-coded in the previous games are now modifiable via scripting.

The full list of changes v1.3:
* [FIX] Even more collision detection improvements
* [FIX] Improved shader compatibility on older hardware
* [+] New scriptable strings to support custom user-made localisations
* [+] Upgraded FMOD API to version 1.10.2

The full list of changes v1.2:
* [FIX] XInput controllers now work regardless of the controller number assigned
* [FIX] 'Overachiever' challenge not completing under some circumstances
* [FIX] Improved Extended ASCII handling
* [FIX] Handful of collision detection issues
* [+] New troubleshootings tips added to the in-game FAQ

Dateiname: TAGAP_3_Setup_v1.3.exe
Eingefügt am 14.12.2017 um 17:57 Uhr


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