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TAGAP 3 (v2.0) & TAGAP Classic (v3.3) Update!

TAGAP 3 Download:
TAGAP 3 v2.0 (Full Game, Installer) (375mb)
TAGAP 3 v2.0 (Full Game, .zip - No installation needed) (410mb)

TAGAP 3 Patch - 1.8 to 2.0 (Installer) (5mb)
TAGAP 3 Patch - 1.8 to 2.0 (.zip - No installation needed) (6mb)

TAGAP Classic Download:
TAGAP Classic v3.3 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, Installer) (313mb)
TAGAP Classic v3.3 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, zip - No installation needed) (331mb)

TAGAP Classic Patch - 3.2 to 3.3 (Installer) (2mb)
TAGAP Classic Patch - 3.2 to 3.3 (.zip - No installation needed) (2mb)

Autor: [GAU]Creep
Quelle: TAGAP
Veröffentlicht am 03.07.2020 um 00:28 Uhr.


vic vega
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I am having trouble with a game i have played successfully before.
Vulcan Island SP / Coop
I downloaded and installed it again when i go to play it shuts down the game.

19.04.2021 02:24

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Hi vic vega,
sorry long time ago i have install bf2...

Maybe the map is not compatible with the last bf2 patch or when the map don´t have a installation program / setup, check that the map files are in the correct folder.

Have you use a unistall program from the game or from the windows system? Maybe not all files correct removed before you have again install the game..
Look after a deinstallation in the folder where you have install the game. When its not complete removed, delete the BF folder self.
- use deinstallation
- remove folder
- install bf2
- install bf2 patches
- install the map / put the map file(s) in the correct folder
- try

When its run before and after a new installation not more, i think its missing a file. More i can not do, don´t know what changed that its not more running. Sorry.
Hope you fix it. Good Luck

Last but not least: Maybe a Battlefield Forum site can help you.

19.04.2021 21:29

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20.05.2021 02:06

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I seem to remember that some maps would need to have the video dialled down to medium or low quality for maps to work. So, try changing the video quality via he settings button in game.

27.06.2021 23:59

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