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TAGAP 3 (v2.0) & TAGAP Classic (v3.3) Update!

TAGAP 3 Download:
TAGAP 3 v2.0 (Full Game, Installer) (375mb)
TAGAP 3 v2.0 (Full Game, .zip - No installation needed) (410mb)

TAGAP 3 Patch - 1.8 to 2.0 (Installer) (5mb)
TAGAP 3 Patch - 1.8 to 2.0 (.zip - No installation needed) (6mb)

TAGAP Classic Download:
TAGAP Classic v3.3 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, Installer) (313mb)
TAGAP Classic v3.3 - TAGAP + TAGAP 2 (Remastered, Full Game, zip - No installation needed) (331mb)

TAGAP Classic Patch - 3.2 to 3.3 (Installer) (2mb)
TAGAP Classic Patch - 3.2 to 3.3 (.zip - No installation needed) (2mb)

Autor: [GAU]Creep
Quelle: TAGAP
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vic vega
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I am having trouble with a game i have played successfully before.
Vulcan Island SP / Coop
I downloaded and installed it again when i go to play it shuts down the game.

19.04.2021 02:24

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Hi vic vega,
sorry long time ago i have install bf2...

Maybe the map is not compatible with the last bf2 patch or when the map don´t have a installation program / setup, check that the map files are in the correct folder.

Have you use a unistall program from the game or from the windows system? Maybe not all files correct removed before you have again install the game..
Look after a deinstallation in the folder where you have install the game. When its not complete removed, delete the BF folder self.
- use deinstallation
- remove folder
- install bf2
- install bf2 patches
- install the map / put the map file(s) in the correct folder
- try

When its run before and after a new installation not more, i think its missing a file. More i can not do, don´t know what changed that its not more running. Sorry.
Hope you fix it. Good Luck

Last but not least: Maybe a Battlefield Forum site can help you.

19.04.2021 21:29

1 Kommentar

20.05.2021 02:06

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